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Vlad's   Very..ummm...Interesting   Life!

Everything included in this text is true....nothing is made up and it is based on the life of a real man.

Prince Vlad Tepes was born in 1431 and died in 1476. He was the ruler of what is now known as Romania.

The word "Tepes" in Romanian means "impaler" and Vlad was so named because of his use of impalement as a means of punishing enemies. Impalement was a gruesome form of execution, wherein the victim was impaled upon a large, sharpened stake. Vlad enjoyed mass executiona where several victims were impaled at once and their stakes hoisted upright. As they hung above the ground, the weight of their bodies would drag them down and slowly kill them. Vlad routinely ordered a banquet table set up in front of his vidtims and would enjoy a leisurely supper amid the pitiful sights and sounds of dying.

In addition to being known as an impaler, he was also known as Dracula which means "son of the dragon". Originally this title came about because his father (also named Vlad) belonged to the Order of the Dragon, an order formed by the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund for the purpose of defeating the Turks.

As his love for terror became more widely known, he was known as Dracul which meant "devil".

He was regarded highly for his strong leading abilities and even though he had great ambition for politics, he was overthrown twice on account of his terrorism of the people.

According to a rumor, Vlad died violently by the hands of one of his men who was actually a Turkish spy.

He was buried on the island of Snagov and his castle does not exist in Transylvania, even though he lived there for some time. The remains of the castle are in his later home.