ICQ is a chat program where you can talk to your friends through a buddy list. This program is free and is very nice to have. It allows you to have as many friends as you want and it has some incredibly awesome features! It has a search engine to find friends with the same interests and of the same age as yourself, it allows you to search white pages (a directory) for people and add yourself to the white pages. You can send files and chat requests and even URLs throught the buddy list and there is even an option during chat where you can type while your chat buddy is watching so there are no delays and the chat can take place much faster! These features named here aren't even half of the features offered by ICQ. This program has over 3 million members and is VERY reliable! I strongly advise the use of this program because it is FUN!


Hey friend! If ya wanna be able to contact me right now, it's faster than e-mailing, snail mailing or leaving a message in my guestbook and waiting for a reply! It's very easy and it's fast! You don't need ICQ to do it....just fill out the info on the pager and VOILA! You have paged me! Have fun and thanx for visiting my page! :):):):):):):)

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